Label applicator Geset Alpha V-40

The Alpha V40 is a universally applicable label dispenser. To implement virtually all industrial labelling requirements quickly and inexpensively, a variety of versions are available: Wipe-on, Tamp-blow, Tamp-on, Blow-box and 90° rotating stamp.

All procedures label the products and packaging reliably and accurately. Position accuracy is approx. 1 mm.
The separation of dispenser and controls ensures minimum space requirements and simplifies integration into existing production lines.
The symmetrical basic design allows the dispenser to be converted to left or right-handed versions.
This allows maximum flexibility and facilitates the most diverse of applications.
Particularly high dispensing clock frequencies with a product distance of 6 to 20 mm are attainable with the Blow-box version. In this process, the label is blown onto the stationary or fast-moving product by means of an air jet.
Secure label application is guaranteed also on convex or concave surfaces in this way.

Display controller.
The standard version provides numerous functions. 30 label parameter sets can, for instance, be stored.
The advantage: quick conversion to other label formats, since the sets contain all required data.
These include, amongst others, length of label, dispensing speed, label opacity and positioning.
System calibration is not necessary. This saves time and prevents operational errors.

The LC display has background illumination and is equipped with a label counter.
The functions of all sensors are permanently displayed in real-time.
Actual dispensing speed is displayed in metres per minute and is adjustable during operation.
 System interruptions are displayed in clear text.

All variable data (e.g. label parameter sets) are easily and securely copied serially (RS232) onto a spare controller by means of the controller back-up function(option).
With the Blow-box version, the label is "shot" smoothly and directly onto the moving or stationary product, without contact, by means of an air-jet.
This provides high dispensing throughputs at a product distance of 6 to 20 mm.

With the Tamp-blow version the dispensing tamp approaches the product via a linear pneumatic drive system.
The label is tamped onto stationary or moving products without contact.

The contact-free Tamp-Blow method offers decisive advantages:
• no wear in the dispensing tamp area,
• mounting in the conveyor system, independent of direction
• labelling without stopping the product, 
• labelling on sensitive and uneven product surfaces, 
• no start/stop synchronisation with the conveyor system required.
The blow-on function also guarantees secure label application to convex and concave surfaces.

Technical specification:

Dimensions (mm):   760 x 340 x 512 (LxWxH)
Weight:   22 kg
Product sensing:   Photocell, microswitch, capacitive or  inductive sensor, ultrasonic sensor.
Min. label width:  20mm
Max.label width:  120mm
Min. label length: :   12mm
Max. label length:  500mm (2500mm)
Label roll outside diam.:   350mm
Label roll core diam.:  76mm
Label peel off speed:   up to 64m per minute
Labelling speed:   up to 500 labels per minute

Label applicator geset Alpha V-40 presentation:

Label applicator Geset Alpha V-40, Tamp-blow:

Label applicator Geset Alpha V-40, Blow box:
Label applicator Geset Alpha V-40, 90° rotating stamp:

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Plastic Labels
 Size: A4
Color: Red, Yellow
Price: 45,00EUR/1000pcs