Microscan Visionscape IPAK solutions.

Pharmaceutical packaging applications with Visionscape® I-PAK®
The Visionscape I-PAK inspection system is the proven solution chosen by major pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide. Based on a selection of powerful machine vision tools and a simple user interface, I-PAK meets demanding pharmaceutical industry requirements, such as 21 CFR Part 11, for reliable, accurate and validated inspection of labels and products.

Common applications include: date/lot code verification, component ID verification and product serialization, product inspection, bright stock identification, as well as a variety
of other package, label or product inspections.

  • Uses Optical Character Verification (OCV) to ensure:

Print Quality

  • Component ID Verification & Product Serialization:

Primary labels

  • Product Inspection:

Label presence/position
Safety seal inspection
Cap presence/position
Insert presence inspection
Fill level
Crimp inspection
Other inspections

  • Bright Stock Identification.
    Uses Data Matrix symbols to identify bright stock containers:

Verify symbol readability immediately after printing
Place product in warehouse
Verify symbol correctness prior to labeling

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Plastic labels
Size: A4
Color: Red, Yellow
Price: 45,00EUR/1000pcs