Thermal inkjet printer Markoprint Compactline 2.0

With a maximum printing height of 4.5 mm, this system can accomplish a variety of coding tasks.
This includes the inclusion of manufacturing and expiration dates, serial numbers, date, time, and much more.

With the 4-line, graphics-capable LC display with combined membrane keypad, it is easy to enter text and data.
Only one hand is required to insert the ink cartridge in the printer. After this, the system is ready to go.

The ink is available in the ink ducts of the printing cartridge.
It's viscosity prevents the ink from running out.

• Superior printing quality and maintenance-free printer function,
• Printing resolutions up to 600 dpi,
• Printing speeds up to 180 m/min.
• Multiple uses thanks to print heads that can be
  networked together,
• Networking with internal operational data networks.

Print sample:

Printer specification:

Max. print width:  4.5mm
Max. distance to  product:  5mm
Available ink colors:  Black
Image printing:  Yes
Barcode printing:  No
Max. print resolution:  600dpi (25m/min)
Max print speed:  180m/min (80dpi)
Product materials:  Porous surfaces
Interface:  RS 232 (RS 422, Ethernet)
Automatic functions:  Date, Time, Counter
Memory:  50 characters

 Markoprint Compactline 2.0 brochure.pdf

Inkjet printers print quality comparison:

CIJ ink jet

Thermal inkjet


Printing on paper bag:
Printing on wood:
Printing on paper packaging:
Multiple thermal inkjet printers on one production line:

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Plastic labels
 Size: A4
Color: Red, Yellow
Price: 45,00EUR/1000pcs