Mark-O-Print Uniline

Outstanding Price-Performance Ratio
Uniline is designed for flexible, precise, one-sided package coding tasks.
It applies appropriate texts, graphics and barcodes in excellent quality to cartons, trays and paper bags, even at high production speeds.
Substantial texts of up to 5 lines, depending on the writing head, can be produced together with all common barcodes for industry and commerce.
Due to the high coding quality, it is often no longer necessary to provide an additional label to carry further information.
Uniline is similar to Jetcoder II, however it also offers a large selection of writing heads for even higher resolutions.
The Uniline print head nozzle plate is available with a choice of 96, 192 or 352 nozzles which are supplied via 32 ink channels.

Printer specification:

Max. print width:  48mm
Max. distance to  product:  5mm
Available ink colors:  Black
Image printing:  Yes
Barcode printing:  Yes
Max. print resolution:  200dpi 
Max print speed:  120m/min
Product materials:  Porous surfaces
Interface:  RS 232, (RS 422, Ethernet)
Automatic functions:  Date, Time, Counter
Memory:  1000 characters


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Plastic labels
Size: A4
Color: Red, Yellow
Price: 45,00EUR/1000pcs