Thermal inkjet printer Markoprint iJet

Industrial thermal inkjet printers are relatively new technology, created on 2003. In future, for most of the cases thermal inkjet printers might replace traditional continuous ink jet printers.
The main advantages of this technology is that it does not require as much maintenance to be carried out, as the complex continuous ink jet printers.

An important pluss is the fact that the running costs are much lower, because there is no need for solvent, and a lack of printhead cleaning has to be carried out.
Also does not need to rinse the printer system with solvent after and before the use of it, and printhead wear out is very unlikely, because when ink cartridge is changed all printhead is changed as well. Each ink cartridge is a new printhead.

Thermal inkjet printers are suitable for printing on almost any material, because they are also available with many different inks, and special UV(ultraviolet) and IR(infrared) light curing ink.

Unlike in the continuous ink jet printers, in thermal inkjet printers there is no inks or solvents circulating in system.
Ink is activated only on demand, DoD("Drop on Demand") operating principles.

For each of the ink cartridges it is possible to add ink reservoir(bulk system) up to 1L volume for further reduction of cost per print.

• Superior printing quality and maintenance-free printer function,
• Printing resolutions up to 600 dpi,
• Printing speeds up to 300 m/min.
• Multiple uses thanks to print heads that can be
  networked together, and various interfaces.
• Networking with internal operational data networks.

Print sample:

Printer specification:

Max. print width:  12.5mm
Max. distance to  product:  5mm
Available ink colors:  Black, Red, Blue, Green
Image printing:  Yes
Barcode printing:  Yes
Max. print resolution:  600dpi (45m/min)
Max print speed:  300m/min (75dpi)
Product materials:  Any (UV curing)
Interface:  USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet TCP/IP  (Ether IP, WLAN, Profinet, RS232)
Automatic functions:  Date, Time, Counter
Memory:  2 GB

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Inkjet printers print quality comparison:

CIJ ink jet

Thermal inkjet


Markoprint iJet presentation:

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