• Labels, ribbons and industrial label printers.
Desktop printers are versatile and can be used in barcode applications for example, their size means they can be used whatever the time and place.
The desktop printer is ready when- and wherever a label is required.

  • Labelling machinery.
Print and Apply Systems are used for fully automatic printing and positioning of labels on products, trays, packaging and pallets. We can work together with you to draw up your own customised labelling system.
After all, each production process has its own particular features, such as line speed, cycle time, data transfer rate from your PC system, resolution requirements, label size, content, position, etc.


  • Labelling machinery for integrated systems.
Label dispensers use pre-printed labels and are employed for wrap-around labelling, for the labelling of top-surfaces, side panels, bases or front labelling. Depending on the dispenser, labels can be either continuously applied or in start/stop or cyclical operation.

Alpha 86

Alpha V-40
Special tronics series

  • Thermal inkjet printers.
Unobtrusive, unproblematic, uncomplicated.
With the Compactline series systems you can do your coding directly on the packaging line.
The compact size of the system allows it to be used even where space is limited.

Thermal inkjet coders are used for absorbent and semi-absorbent materials, coding font sizes up to 100 mm, and coding speeds up to 240 m per minute.

The wide scope of applications ranges from folding boxes and cartons, trays, aluminium seals and blister packs to printing on wood strips or paper labels.

Due to built-in heating elements, Compactline series thermal inkjet coders drive heated ink droplets through a nozzle at high velocity onto the material to be printed, for example folding boxes, trays, aluminum safety closures, pharma blister packs, wood strips and paper labels.
The coders are extremely compact. Coding can therefore be applied directly on the packaging line and in any other application under cramped conditions.

The printer cartridges with print head for thermal inkjet coders (with 42 ml capacity) contain environmentally compatible water and solvent-based inks. Intelligent control electronics monitor the ink level in each cartridge and transmit a warning message to the controller when required (e.g. low ink level).

The diversity of the systems and the associated choice of inks allow adjustment to the widest variety of individual requirements. These range from adhesion to metal, plastic, glass or paper to quick-drying, water-soluble and pigmented properties, among many other.


Compactline 2.0
Compactline 2.5

Compactline 3.0
Compactline CUBE

  • Piezoelectric inkjet printers.
In this system an electric pulse is conducted through piezoelectric crystals or ceramic chambers.
The conducted voltage causes a change in the shape of the ink chambers which forces the ink through the nozzles. The vacuum arising in the chamber sucks more ink out of the ink reservoir and thus refills the chamber.




  • Wax printers.
Wax printers uses melted wax instead of ink, and are more suitable for wet product conditions, or other specific installations.


  • Continuous ink jet printers.
Continuous ink jet printers are the most frequently used printers for product marking.

Printers uses ink dots to make the stamp and are suitable for very wide range of applications.

  • Direct print modules.
Direct print modules are printers that uses thermal transfer ribbons and print directly on packaging film when it is still in packaging forming machine.

Widely used for all types of Flow-Pack packagers.

  • Industrial scanners and data acquisition equipment.
Industrial barcode scanners, data verificators, and wide range of high definition image readers and other products from Microscan.
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Plastic labels
 Size: A4
Color: Red, Yellow
Price: 45,00EUR/1000pcs