Wood marking.

CE Marking on lumber.

The main objective of the CE marking system is to remove technical barriers to trade created by differing national requirements of the EU Member States with regard to building materials.
Its aim is to create an open market for building materials covering the entire European Economic Area.

For consumers, the CE mark indicates that the product comes from a reliable and tested product.
This means that the product has been tested and the results were to be reported in accordance with EU guidelines, which are all European-wide harmonization of product standards and that the product meets the essential safety and health requirements of the EU Construction Products Directive.

The CE marking is printed with Ink jet printers and Piezoelectric printers directly to the wooden structure.
Usually this is done on the line where the wooden structure is milled, or planed, the place where the tree came out in the design element of the tillers, or planes.

Printing in addition to the CE marking is accompanied by the customer or a customer requested a variable additional information that may be connected with internal production tracking system, or serve as a productivity tool for control.

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